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Renewable Energy Philippines, Inc. is a firm providing engineering, design, CADD, instrumentation and controls, project management and installation services. The company is focused on serving clients primarily in both the residential and commercial solar power industries.

RE-PHIL's combined experience and expertise paved the way to its success. In the span of two decades, our team has accumulated a track record of successful projects in various industries including industrial automation, power, utilities, and communications.


RE-PHIL is a customer focused company based on flexibility, quality, value and expediency.

In today's changing market, new projects coupled with new technology applications, modifications and retrofits, demand flexibility, quality and expediency. Flexible organizations can rapidly adapt to changing situations and respond to a client's needs in a timely manner. RE-PHIL's simplified structure is not overly departmentalized, thereby giving its staff an appreciation of the total project, creating improved flexibility, coordination and communications. Project teams have the discipline and autonomy to develop both strategies and guidelines to take a project to completion.

As a small company focusing on renewable energy, RE-PHIL can tailor its work force to meet all of its client's requirements. It can complete a wide variety of projects with low overhead and minimize cost while providing its clients with the greatest value for their budget.